Wild landfills are a constant – everyday occurrence. As a rule, they occur along local less frequent roads. One of the main goals of this project is to define a proposal for a plan to solve the problem of registered landfills whose existence causes pollution of water resources in the analyzed area. In the next step, it is necessary to make an analysis of groundwater, and look at and analyze the state of groundwater quality in the context of environmental pollution (landfills and other). Wild landfills are mostly unclassified municipal and construction waste.

Based on the terms of reference and methodology of this study, as well as on the basis of the described existing state of waste, landfills and the impact on water resources, an analysis of possible environmental pollutants and surface and groundwater was made. Thus, these are landfills (wild and neglected), which still exist and have a negative effect on the area of the West Herzegovina Canton (the area we are analyzing in this study).
The analysis was performed for four cities / municipalities of the West Herzegovina Canton: Široki Brijeg, Grude, Posušje and Ljubuški.

The document provides a list of locations of illegal landfills and an illustrative presentation (picture) of part of illegal landfills, which are the most expressive from the aspect of environmental endangerment.