Today, in the premises of the Municipality of Široki Brijeg, an Agreement was signed on support in the implementation and co-financing of the project “YOUth Drive – Program for raising awareness on proper waste management and strengthening the legislator to act.”

The agreement was signed on behalf of the city of Široki Brijeg by Mr. Kraljević, and on behalf of the Association for Development, Environment and Culture “Eko ZH” project manager Lucija Kvesić.

With his support, Mr. Kraljević gave a strong impetus to the NGO for further progress and development in this sector, which has significant potential to present large projects in the West Herzegovina County.

The YOUth Drive project aims to improve the proper management of waste in the West Herzegovina County, as well as to develop legislative solutions that would be directly applicable.

The impact of this project will be visible in contributing to the development of the community, raising awareness of citizens, especially young people in the cross-border areas of BiH and Montenegro, the importance of proper waste management, and environmental protection. Preconditions will be created for the improvement and refinement of existing legislation in the field of environmental protection and waste management, and as an example of good practice, a larger number of illegal landfills will be removed, and electronic waste bins will be installed. Within the project, it is planned to analyze the situation on the ground in terms of waste disposal and protection of watercourses, as a prerequisite for future actions of a similar type.

Raising environmental awareness and initiating concrete actions in the West Herzegovina and Bay of Kotor County is carried out within the project “YOUth drive” through the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro, funded by the European Union in the amount of over 230,000 euros. The project partners are non-governmental organizations, the Association for Development, Environment and Culture EKO ZH from Široki Brijeg (BiH) as the project holder and Naša akcija, based in Kotor (MN). The project started with the implementation of activities in November 2019, and will last until May 2021.